Investing In The Future

Simon and Tarsha are in their early thirties. They have a three year old daughter and are expecting another child in a few months time. The couple has carefully saved just over $60,000 in the eight years they have been married. Currently, this money sits in a couple of term deposits with their bank. In [...]

Making provision for the future – part 1

My birthday is in a few days time. It’s not one with a big juicy “0” on the end, though I have had the pleasure of attending a few decadal celebrations this past year – most of them beginning with 5, 6, or 8. I mention my birthday not in order to draw attention to [...]

The Clapham Sect: A Mission Community

Twenty-five years ago I had recently embarked on my theology studies – initially by distance, through a couple of North American seminaries. In one particular course, I wrote a paper which I entitled “The Clapham Sect: A Mission Community”. My first lines were: Mention the name William Wilberforce to anyone with even the briefest of [...]

I’ve been ruminating about … driving

I have a confession to make. Better that I get if off my chest right now. If an examination was taken of my driving habits over the decades, I may well fail. The truth is, when I’m driving I can be both intolerant and impatient. (Not that these particular sins of mine are exclusive to [...]

I’ve been ruminating about…cellphones

So, the word has finally got out. I own a cellphone – again. After three and a half blissful years, I relented eighteen months ago. I went and bought one of the little devils. My $39 special is nothing flash. There’s not a lot that is particularly “smart” about it. But it is adequate for [...]

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