Books written by Wayne Kirkland

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The Man Who Split HistoryThe Man Who Split History
Written specifically for people inquiring about the Christian faith, this book tells the story of Jesus weaved in with stories of Jesus-followers down through the ages. Both accessible and challenging, The Man Who Split History helps those who don’t know Jesus to discover more about who he was, how he related to others, what he stood for, and what all this means for life in the twenty-first century.
— $10.00 plus postage. (127 pages)

Light from a dark starLight from a Dark Star
Subtitled “Where’s God when my world falls apart?”, this easy-to-read book addresses the challenge of pain and suffering. It is written with inquirers in mind, but suitable for anyone who has struggled with this age-old question.

Author and theologian Michael Green writes, “Of the many books on suffering I have read, this is the most accessible. Wayne faces all the problems head on and sets them out in sharp relief. His style is fast moving…packed with stories… a short but immensely appealing book.”
— $10.00 plus postage. (112 pages)

Where's God on MondayWhere’s God on Monday?
Co-authored with Alistair Mackenzie.
How might following Jesus affect the way we tackle our daily work? This is the central question this book seeks to address. Written in short, punchy chapters, followed by helpful questions for reflection and discussion, Where’s God on Monday? considers what the Bible has to say about work and then applies it to our own contexts.

Murray Robertson writes, “This extremely helpful book by Alistair and Wayne is a fusion of biblical insights and observations from the marketplace”, while Dick Hubbard notes, “I rate this book a must read for all Christians who have to balance their beliefs with their actions.”
— $15.00 plus postage. (108 pages)

Soul PurposeSoulPurpose: making a difference in life and work
Co-authored with Alistair Mackenzie and Annette Dunham.
SoulPurpose is a journey to discover about the most fascinating person in your life – YOU! Whether this means exploring largely unchartered territory or reworking of familiar terrain, you’ll find this book provides fresh and life-changing handles on who you are and how you can make a difference in the world. It includes a large “workbook” section full of exercises and questions to help understand more of how God has shaped you for his purposes.

Diane Benge (Reality Magazine) states, “Packed full of resources, SoulPurpose is an invaluable companion on the journey towards fullness of life. The workbook section alone is worth the price of the book” while Tom and Christine Sine (Mustard Seed Associates) write, “We know of no book that offers the reader a more practical pathway to find a sense of focus that impacts every part of life.”
— $25.00 plus postage. (235 pages)

Just DecisionsJust Decisions: Christian ethics go to work
Co-authored with Alistair Mackenzie
Do the worlds of commerce and faith mix? Or are Christians aliens in the Monday-to-Friday world?

Our daily jobs are full of decisions. Some small, some large. Whether we’re employers or employees or self-employed; whether we work at office or workshop, on hospital floor or factory floor, in a truck or a dairy or a market garden … we are all faced with problems. Sometimes, very tricky problems.

This third book in the “Faith and Work Series” explores how we might go about making decisions in our places of work – decisions that both honour God and take seriously commercial realities. Decisions that are good, right and appropriate. Just Decisions.
— $20.00 plus postage. (185 pages)

Just MoneyJust Money: the vision of shalom
What’s money got to do with following Jesus? A great deal, actually. Money is no side issue in the Bible. Just Money offers both insights and suggestions as to how we can live a life of faith in a culture in love with the dollar.

In his foreword, Tony Campolo writes, “This book will help any committed Christian on the journey to faithful, biblical stewardship”, while New Testament scholar Chris Marshall states, “Highly accessible, seasoned with practical insight and sound judgment, and deeply committed to the biblical witness, Just Money is a book for our times…an excellent resource for small group or congregational study.”
— $25.00 plus postage. (271 pages)