Ruminations seeks to:

Wayneabout life, faith and mission

Ruminations seeks to:
- Develop and encourage the networking of people who are committed to actively following Jesus and making a difference in their own cultural context.

- Access thoughtful and relevant material that challenges and stretches the understanding and practice of following Jesus.

- Create a forum for the sharing of ideas and resources.

- Build a supportive environment for members to publish articles, opinion pieces and ideas, and receive helpful feedback from others.

Ruminations is committed to active reflection and positive action. The intention of the e-mag is to help us live more faithful to Jesus, and to serve more fruitfully as his partners. This is not primarily an academic or intellectual pursuit, but one anchored in the desire for ongoing transformation of our thinking, relating and serving.

A monthly email with articles, opinion pieces, book and movie reviews and synopses, interviews, resources available, ideas for mission, comments and feedback from readers.

Monthly editions will be sent as an attachment to the email, with a short intro on each piece and a link to the Ruminations blogsite. All written pieces will be archived in this site.

Reactions, feedback and material offered for publishing need to be emailed to the editor at