Welcoming Displaced Children

Olympia Jetson was a bright young eleven year old girl. However, she and her half-sister Saliel carried some dark secrets. They lived most of their short lives with their mother and step-father in the Manawatu. On December 3, 2001 they were stabbed with a knife while sleeping, by their step-dad, Bruce Howse. Both girls died [...]

The Great Emergence: How Christianity is changing and why

Phyllis Tickle  (Baker Books – Emergent Village resources, 2008) Most of us are aware that the age we live in is potentially an epoch-defining one in the history of Western culture. We may well be straddling two ages. For years we’ve been seeking to understand the wider culture’s move away from the modernism that has [...]

Evangelism and conversion in Kiwi Culture

Introduction Aotearoa-New Zealand is an intriguing series of islands in the South Pacific known for its scenic beauty, sheep, rugby players and globe-trotting residents! The first peoples to inhabit this land were from the Pacific and became known as the Maori. In the nineteenth century the British, looking for lands to settle and so relieve [...]

Deliberate Simplicity: How the Church does more by doing less

Dave Browning (Zondervan, 2009) The title caught my eye, so I bought a copy. It was worth it. Although there are aspects of Browning’s take on church that make me feel uncomfortable, most of his basic premises are ones I agree with. Browning leads a church movement that consists of dozens of small groups, who [...]

The Divine Commodity: Discovering a faith beyond consumer Christianity

Titles are often the first point of interest for me in determining whether I should read a book. This title immediately grabbed my attention – particularly as I’ve read widely and thought deeply over the years about consumerism and its impact on faith. And I was already familiar with the insightful writing of Skye Jethani, [...]