Work, Worship and Warped perspectives

Most of us are dualists. If we lived in the early centuries of the Christian Church, we’d be condemned as heretics. Whoa! That’s a bright and breezy way to introduce an article. After that encouraging and affirming first statement you may decide not to bother reading on! Dualists? Heretics? What do you mean? Dualism is [...]

Surprised by Hope: rethinking heaven, the resurrection and the mission of the church

N.T. Wright (HarperOne, 2008) Thank God for Tom Wright! This is a book that needed to be written and I’m thankful that the Bishop of Durham was the person. For two reasons really – one is that it would be difficult to get a more trusty guide of the New Testament and secondly, because Wright [...]

Perfect Hostage: Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma and the Generals

Justin Wintle (Arrow, 2007) When friends gave me this book as a gift, they certainly hit the mark. I have more than a passing interest in Myanmar/Burma and this biography has added immensely to my understanding of this tragic country and its “imprisoned” people. Having briefly visited Burma (in October, 2007 – three weeks after [...]

I’ve been ruminating about…memory

A few years ago, when I was back in my home town for a visit, I took a walk up to my old primary school, wandering through the grounds at a snail’s pace, observing how much had changed yet how much had really stayed the same. Of course, there were memories around every corner. There [...]

I’ve been ruminating about….character

Late last year (2008) three media stories caught my attention. Each has been well publicized in our land and they bear a common theme – great character in the face of adversity. The first is the story of Tony McLean, the 29 year old teacher who died along with six of his students from Elim [...]