I’ve been ruminating about…Prevailing Winds – By Andrea Candy

Any good yachtie will tell you that it’s important to be aware of prevailing winds when sailing into new waters, i.e. to know from which direction the weather usually comes. Go with the prevailing wind and you’ll have sweet sailing but a contrary weather pattern may lead you into strife. Many of us in business [...]

The dying art of friendship

Jeremy is in his late thirties, married with three children. He’s bright and engaging and has a highly demanding and challenging senior management position with a large company. His wife Susan has had a very successful professional career of her own. Both maintain strong Christian commitments and wherever they live, quickly make a sizeable contribution [...]

Books from 2006 worth reading

Here’s four excellent books I’ve read this past year which are worth getting a hold of… They are Eat This Book (Eugene Peterson); Death By Suburb: How to keep the suburbs from killing your soul (David Goetz); Leading With A Limp (Dan Allender); and Exiles: Living missionally in a post-Christian culture (Michael Frost). If any [...]

A call to holistic mission – Wayne Kirkland

Christians don’t have to talk long with each other to realise that what one person means by the words ‘mission’ and ‘evangelism’ may be very different to what someone else means. This is not too suprising, since the church contains a broad spectrum of views. But what about amongst evangelicals? Can we agree on what [...]

Servants or celebrities?

Mixed Messages I had just finished reading an article on ‘Servant Evangelism’ and happened to glance at the biographical info about the author. I could not believe my eyes. It read “X is pastor or the Y church, recently listed as one of the top 25 fastest growing churches in the USA”. To say that [...]