I’ve been ruminating about…shopping malls

Every city has a least one. World class cities have dozens. If you have a car they’re easy to get to. In fact, chances are the town planners in your city are predicting future traffic flows, roads, and even population growth based on where the malls are and will be. No wonder Auckland’s planners have [...]

The ad and the ego

This is a transcript from a video production by Parallax Pictures. Dave Tims sourced the video a few years ago. It is very insightful and thoughtful analysis by a number of experts. Last year I transcribed the text – painstaking, but worth it! “A democratic civilization will save itself only if it makes the language [...]

Is too much choice ‘killing us’?

Our lives are too cluttered. By things. By tasks. And also by choices. The gospel calls us to a simplicity that allows us to focus and centre our attention and effort on what ultimately counts – loving God and others. There is, as Richard Foster notes, a great freedom in simplicity. It “…allows us to [...]

One wild woman: Jael (Judges 4:17-24)

This is an extract from Mick Duncan’s recent book, entitled Wild Ones, published by …. (Australia) and available by either contacting your local Christian bookshop or by emailing Mick at micduncan@woosh.co.nz To become wild demands that we acknowledge the truth about ourselves (Deborah) and radical micro-obedience, it’s in the little things, is most often developed [...]

Chapter Two – Finding where you fit

(Extract from SoulPurpose: Making a difference in life and work, by Alistair Mackenzie, Wayne Kirkland and Annette Dunham (NavPressNZ, 2004) The place God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet. (Frederick Buechner) God has plans for us. God has made us for a purpose. We have a [...]