The mysteries of The Da Vinci Code

A few weeks ago I sat in a boutique picture theatre with 40 friends and acquaintances and watched the Ron Howard-directed movie that millions of people worldwide have been eagerly waiting for – The Da Vinci Code. A week later over half of us got together over coffee to discuss both the book and the [...]

Parker J. Palmer, Let Your Life Speak:

Listening for the voice of vocation (Jossey-Bass, 2000) Parker Palmer is an educator, consultant and writer. He’s also a Quaker. His writings are difficult to pigeon hole. They could easily fit under several categories such as spirituality, vocational guidance, or ‘understanding ourselves’. He has a unique style. When I first read some of Palmer’s writings, [...]

I’ve been ruminating…on ‘CHRISTIAN’ SONGS??

Is there such a thing as a ‘Christian’ song? Or a ‘Christian’ book? I don’t think there is. While I might be accused of just playing with semantics, let me explain. A song can be written by a ‘Christian’ (Christ-one/follower of Jesus). A song can have words that talk about God or the Christian life. [...]

Jim Wallis, God’s Politics:

Why the Right Gets it Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It (Harper San Francisco, 2005) 374 pages, hardback In the mid 1980’s I was introduced by some colleagues to a small book that had a profound impact on me. The Call to Conversion, was written by Jim Wallis, founder and leader of Sojourners, an [...]