Where do we look for material that helps us to better understand how the biblical story should make a tangible difference in our own everyday lives? Not everyone has the capacity or inclination to enroll in formal theological education. And even those who can, often find such courses either too academic or disconnected from the [...]

The Clapham Sect: A Mission Community

Twenty-five years ago I had recently embarked on my theology studies – initially by distance, through a couple of North American seminaries. In one particular course, I wrote a paper which I entitled “The Clapham Sect: A Mission Community”. My first lines were: Mention the name William Wilberforce to anyone with even the briefest of [...]

Kiwi Thanksgiving

During the times we have lived in Canada, Jill and I have really enjoyed celebrating both Canadian and American Thanksgiving meals with friends and neighbours. It has often struck us that we Kiwis could benefit a great deal from incorporating a Thanksgiving celebration into our annual calendar. This year we finally got around to organising [...]

Prayers for Community Life and Service

Sometimes we don’t know how to pray. Our minds are a maze, our hearts a menagerie of emotions. In such times – particularly when we are gathered with others – we could all do with a little help. Christians have been praying for two millennia and most of the collective prayers have been prepared ones [...]

Money and Power

“…money is not willing to rest contented in its proper place alongside other things we value. No, it must have supremacy. It must crowd out all else.” Richard Foster It’s 1756. A 12-year-old Jewish boy takes a job at a bank in Hanover, Germany. Young Mayer surprises. He has abilities and ambition in generous quantities [...]

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