Making provision for the future – part 1

My birthday is in a few days time. It’s not one with a big juicy “0” on the end, though I have had the pleasure of attending a few decadal celebrations this past year – most of them beginning with 5, 6, or 8. I mention my birthday not in order to draw attention to [...]

Money and Power

“…money is not willing to rest contented in its proper place alongside other things we value. No, it must have supremacy. It must crowd out all else.” Richard Foster It’s 1756. A 12-year-old Jewish boy takes a job at a bank in Hanover, Germany. Young Mayer surprises. He has abilities and ambition in generous quantities [...]

Work, Worship and Warped perspectives

Most of us are dualists. If we lived in the early centuries of the Christian Church, we’d be condemned as heretics. Whoa! That’s a bright and breezy way to introduce an article. After that encouraging and affirming first statement you may decide not to bother reading on! Dualists? Heretics? What do you mean? Dualism is [...]