Where do we look for material that helps us to better understand how the biblical story should make a tangible difference in our own everyday lives? Not everyone has the capacity or inclination to enroll in formal theological education. And even those who can, often find such courses either too academic or disconnected from the [...]

Books and more books

Point No.1: I love books Alongside my espresso machine, computer, bicycle and Toyota Vitz, my library is one of my most valued possessions. I could wax lyrical about each of these other wonderful pieces of technology, but now is not the time nor place. As for my books – well, how long have you got? [...]

The Lost History Of Christianity

Philip Jenkins  (HarperCollins, 2008) This is a fascinating book from a trusted and highly readable scholar. It is a story that is both inspiring and sobering, enlightening and disturbing. I highly recommend it. Having had my appetite for Middle Eastern history whetted again by Rodney Stark’s book, God’s Battalions (see the Ruminations site for my [...]

God’s Battalions: The case for the Crusades

Rodney Stark (HarperCollins, 2009) At first glance the subtitle of this most recent book by Rodney Stark is rather provocative, perhaps even distasteful. No doubt this is intentional – both on the part of the author and the publisher. “The case for the Crusades”? It raises the question: is Stark seriously trying to argue that [...]

The Great Emergence: How Christianity is changing and why

Phyllis Tickle  (Baker Books – Emergent Village resources, 2008) Most of us are aware that the age we live in is potentially an epoch-defining one in the history of Western culture. We may well be straddling two ages. For years we’ve been seeking to understand the wider culture’s move away from the modernism that has [...]

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