Technology Rules

“Technology is everything invented after you were born!” Allan Kay It was 1987. The year of the share market crash. David Lange was re-elected PM and our first child was born (no connection between these two events, in case you’re wondering). It was a momentous year. And somewhere in the mix was a seemingly innocuous [...]

Solidarity At The Stadium

The air was thick with excitement. It was downtown Wellington on a damp and wintry Saturday night. The All Blacks had just thrashed the British and Irish Lions in a rugby test of epic proportions. After a magnificent start by the Lions, the All Blacks had taken the match by the scruff of the neck [...]

Gold Watches And Disaster Recovery Plans

Making provision for life beyond the “employed years” is a reality of modern developed countries. Generally speaking, for pre-modern societies, low life expectancy rates meant that most people died before attaining an age where they were unable to contribute productively. And those who did “grow old” were taken care of by their families. However, the [...]

An Interest In Savings

I was fortunate to be taught early on in life the power of delayed gratification – that is, the ability to resist the temptation of an immediate reward or pay-off, for a later reward or pay-off. “A dollar a day”, “saving for a rainy day”, and “look after the cents and the dollars will take [...]

Investing In The Future

Simon and Tarsha are in their early thirties. They have a three year old daughter and are expecting another child in a few months time. The couple has carefully saved just over $60,000 in the eight years they have been married. Currently, this money sits in a couple of term deposits with their bank. In [...]

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